Amazon Joyeur: VR Headsets You Can Wear As You Work

As the demands on the Amazon workforce have grown over the months, the company has pushed the hours and efficiency of its employees to new heights. As always, Amazon is looking to technology to break the limits of what a workforce and a corporation can do.

Neural Link Solution

Entertainment for the Worker

Naturally, the next step was to allow workers to see the VR feeds recorded by other Amazon workers. It was sort of like “How It’s Made” but in real-time. Eventually, the researchers and managers started to see that workers spent a significant amount of time watching their own feeds, watching their own autonomous bodies performing their tasks efficiently. One worker reported, “It’s actually pretty soothing if you imagine it’s happening to someone else.”

The full headset complete with sixteen cameras, immersive VR screen, and Amazon connectivity is available this Christmas as the Amazon Joyeur, and comes with a free month of Amazon Prime.

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