Free Pokemon Fight the Pokemon Trainer Part 1

In the following story all pokemon language has been translated to English, thank you Goldeen for your work on this! Hire him for all your translating work he’s great!

Jigglypuff looked down at the field, but she still couldn’t see which one it was. She looked left and right at the glowing silhouettes of Pikachu and Incineroar. Pikachu looked anxious, but he was holding it together. Incineroar was calm, loosening his joints. And there past Incineroar was Pokemon Trainer, fiddling with his pokeballs. It made Jigglypuff sick.

Suddenly the arena swept into view. Of course. Pokemon Stadium. Incineroar gave a dry chuckle and a nod to Puff and Pikachu.

Once more into the breach, and they heard that massive voice. “READY? GO!”

Puff, Pikachu and Incineroar dove from their platforms to move towards the edges of the field. Like they had discussed, they watched to see who the Pokemon Trainer started. They would choose a point-mon from that. The three of them wave dashed and pretended to throw neutral game attacks at each other, and the Pokemon Trainer sent out Ivysaur. Puff was up. Incineroar and Pikachu went off to one side of the screen and pretended to fight, landing minor hit s on each other to make it look real. Puff would have to work fast. “Here I come!” She charged at Ivysaur, who immediately tried to space her out, keep her at an arm’s length. Perfect.

“I’m gonna take you down, Puff!” screamed Ivysaur, with determination. “Get ’em, Ivysaur!” came a shout from the Trainer from the sidelines. Ivysaur threw a few vine whips at Puff, who blocked the first and dodged the second. Puff stayed in Ivysaur’s face, but danced around him, dodging his attacks. “Fucking LAND something, Ivysaur!” the Trainer yelled. Ivysaur was sweating.

“Why don’t you stop floating around and FIGHT ME!” He shot a whip at Puff that had real heat on it, came too close, but still missed. Puff was great at this.

“You’re too slow for her, Ivysaur, go for Incineroar!” said the Trainer. Ivysaur’s face betrayed his humiliation. He paused, then hurled himself at Incineroar. Like clockwork, Puff, Incineroar, and Pikachu converged around Ivysaur, making a confusing ball of punches and special attacks. Then they separated Puff with Ivysaur, Incineroar and Pikachu pretending to fight on the other end of the field again.

Ivysaur was incredulous. “Ok what the fuck is going on?!”

Puff floated down to touch the ground. “Ivysaur, I wanna talk to you.”

Just then, the field began to morph. Trees sprouted. The Grass stage. Perfect. Ivysaur would be more comfortable here.

Ivysaur saw it too, and grinned. “What are you talking about?” And jumped at Puff for the tackle.

Puff hopped over it easily. “I’m talking about talking.”

Ivysaur spin around and lashed with the whips again. “Talking is for outside the ring! We’re here to fight!”

Puff got in close now, relying on her shield, matching Ivysaur’s attacks. “Yeah, we’re here to fight, but for who? Who are you fighting for, Ivysaur?”

“I’m fighting to be the best!” Ivysaur said mechanically. “Like no one ever was!”

“Did you do the paperwork to enter the ring? Do you get paid for your wins?” Puff inquired. Her shield was running out. She’d have to withdraw or land some punches soon.

“Of course not, my Trainer does the paperwork, and helps me get stronger.”

“Your Trainer makes a lot of money off your wins, Ivysaur, and you don’t need them to get stronger. Training you might be his cause, but your cause isn’t to be trained.”

Ivysaur grinned a devious grin. “Oh I see what this is. I’ve heard about your kind. You’re jealous because I have a trainer. You’re jealous because my trainer is making me stronger than you’ll ever be!” Puff’s shield was about to shatter, and Ivysaur knew it. He ran in for the smash. Puff steeled herself inside, and reminded herself that what she did now she did for love, not malice. For love, not pleasure. Puff dashed away from Ivysaur’s attack and locked her in a combo of aerial attacks that bounced the grass pokemon higher and higher. Puff landed three heavy hits before down-airing Ivysaur into a floating platform. Puff knew the last step of the combo, but held it back. Now wasn’t the time.

Ivysaur shook himself off and stood up. “Good soldier” thought Puff with pity.

“Your Trainer couldn’t teach you how to avoid that combo, Ivysaur.”

“How did you…do that…?” Gasped Ivysaur. Puff had clipped off about 50% from him.

“I didn’t learn it from a Trainer, I’ll tell you that.” Puff tried to smile gently.

Something flickered across Ivysaur’s face, confusion, or maybe comprehension, but the Trainer interrupted. “Don’t just stand there, Ivysaur, ATTACK!” Ivysaur nodded and charged, but Puff could see that his moves weren’t as sure as before.

“What if it’s not what you thought?” Puff went back on defense with a recharged shield. “What if your Trainer isn’t making you stronger? What if they’re holding you back?”

“That’s crazy! My Trainer taught me everything I know! They took me in when a development company was bulldozing my land!”

“Who developed that land!? Pokemon? No, it was humans developing for humans! Statistics say that at least 80% of Pokemon “rescued” by trainers-” Puff caught herself. She had the facts, but she had to remember, the statistics weren’t what changed minds. She had to stay focused. Discipline, Puff!

“You don’t know anything about me!” Screamed Ivysaur, and he swung out with an intuitive aerial combo that caught Puff by surprise. He landed a few hits and took 25% off her. Sloppy, thought Puff. I got sloppy. I can’t do that again.

“Stop fucking around and finish her off, Ivysaur!” The Trainer stamped from the sidelines.

Ivysaur nearly teared up. He looked at Puff with fury and shame. “You’re fucking with my head! You’re fucking with my head because you can’t beat me fair and square, like a real pokemon!”

Puff took in a deep sigh, and let it go slow. “I’m not. Please believe me, I’m not fucking with you. You may not understand me, but I’m trying to help. Please be patient with me if I’m hurting you, I’m trying to help.”

From the sidelines, “Ivysaur, do something or you’re out of the starting three!” The Trainer’s ugly little face was twisted with condescension.

Ivysaur’s face betrayed real fear for the first time in the fight. Puff’s heart broke for him.

“You don’t have to attack, Ivy. No one puts me in a ball after the fight. It could be like that for you!” But Ivysaur was already moving, rushing. Puff readied herself with a little wave dash and prepared to execute a full combo on Ivysaur. She didn’t want to do it, but if he wouldn’t talk, she’d need to get to the next pokemon. Maybe Squirtle or Charizard would be more responsive. As Ivysaur attacked, she dodged up again, and she tried to be strong as she began the combo. As she swung her hair to hit him, he looked like he understood. Like he knew she would beat him. But her attack passed right through him, through a red version of him that faded and retracted to the Pokemon Trainer.

“Ivysaur, return!”

The field was morphing back into its neutral state. Incineroar and Pikachu flanked Puff as they waited to see who came out next.

“How did it go?” Incineroar growled.

“He’s hurting. He really can’t imagine himself apart from his Trainer. I think he’s humiliated.” Puff said. She could still see his face in her mind, fearful, almost pleading.

“Do you think he’ll come around?” chirped Pikachu?

Puff looked down at Pikachu. “I dunno little guy. I think I got to him. But I hurt him, too. What he does with our conversation is up to him now.”

“Squirtle, I choose you!” A red beam deployed from the sidelines and became a happy, determined Squirtle.

Puff and Incineroar looked to Pikachu. “You’re up, man. Just remember how we talked about this, and ask us if you need help.”

Pikachu gave his head a determined nod, and scampered forward towards the Squirtle, and Puff and Incineroar went off to pretend to fight on the other side of the board.

I’m incredibly rich, and it’s time for me to give back. A Nerdling. America’s Premier Thot Leader. Underwater Basket Entrepreneur. twitter @dcinspo

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